Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC Brings Aggregated Purchasing Power To Independent Waste Haulers

[CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA] – It is with great excitement that we officially announce the formation of Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC. Gatehouse is a groundbreaking company designed to provide enhanced purchasing power to Independent Waste Haulers (IWHs). Our mission is to bridge unnecessary price discrepancy gaps between IWHs and their national competitors by aggregating the purchasing power of independent haulers and streamlining access to some of the industry’s biggest and best manufacturers.

Empowering Independent Waste Haulers

At its core, Gatehouse Purchasing aims to empower Independent Waste Haulers by providing them with access to a lower acquisition cost of assets and making them more competitive than ever before.  The company recognizes the challenges faced by IWHs when participating in competitive bid situations. Through strategic partnerships and collective action, Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC enables its members to compete more effectively in their geographic markets while improving operational efficiency.

Efficiency at Its Finest

Gatehouse Purchasing’s digital ordering platform allows IWHs to streamline the business-to-vendor connection. This groundbreaking system ensures quality tools and ordering capabilities are available right at your fingertips. Gatehouse members are able to seamlessly design “default orders,” formally place orders, schedule recurring orders, and catalog past requests to ensure vendor accountability. 

Expanding Membership and Impact

Since its inception, Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC has rapidly grown its membership base by forming partnerships with Independent Waste Haulers in markets across the country. Our very first member, Capital Waste Services (and their parent company Kinderhook Industries), charted a path forward for us to continue our growth and expand our footprint. Today, we are partnering with hard-working, industry-leading companies like TFC Recycling (Chester, VA), Hater’s Fox Valley (Ringle, WI), Gold Medal Environmental (Sewell, NJ), and Kirby’s Sanitation (Duncan, SC), and more. Gatehouse Purchasing is currently serving members across nineteen states with new members joining monthly.

Driving Savings and Growth

The Gatehouse Advantage already made a significant impact, contributing to $1,000,000+ in combined OpEx and CapEx savings for its members. One notable example of the company’s success is a member who realized a reduction of over $215,000+ in annual operating expenses by evaluating their tire spend alone. This is just one element that showcases the savings opportunities on products such as tires, commercial containers, compactors, truck parts, residential containers, fuel, lubricants, and more for haulers who join the Gatehouse network.

A Gatehouse Purchasing member shared their experience, stating, “For years, we have been pouring money into premium lubricants that don’t fit our fleet’s needs. It was like putting premium gas in your lawn mower, it just didn’t make sense. After Gatehouse’s consumption review, we are now right sized and will recoup tens of thousands of dollars in savings annually.”

About Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC

Gatehouse Purchasing, LLC is a dynamic and forward-thinking company offering subscription-based services committed to revolutionizing the waste and recycling industry. By uniting Independent Waste Haulers and leveraging collective purchasing power, Gatehouse Purchasing aims to level the playing field, empower independent fleets, and provide cost-effective solutions to foster a competitive advantage.

By becoming a member, you join an elite group of independent waste haulers who are striving to challenge the status quo. Join today to gain access to our state-of-the-art online ordering portal and open the door to immediate savings on assets like tires, commercial containers, residential containers, fuel, lubricants, and more.

Goliath, meet David.

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