The Gatehouse Advantage: Innovation in the Waste Industry to Save Time, Money & Better Serve Communities

In the waste industry, Independent Waste Haulers face a significant challenge: competing with large corporations that benefit from substantially greater purchasing power. This disparity places these often family-owned businesses at a competitive disadvantage, leading to elevated costs and operational difficulties.

Gatehouse Purchasing emerges at the right time in the industry, aiming to level the playing field for our members. By offering a collective digital purchasing platform, Gatehouse empowers these small businesses to thrive, ensuring they can continue to provide essential waste services to their communities. This innovative model holds the potential to transform the waste industry, fostering healthier competition and ultimately benefiting the communities served.

What is the Gatehouse Advantage?

The “Gatehouse Advantage” comes in the form of substantial savings, operational efficiency, and collective purchasing power provided to our members. Currently, Gatehouse boasts members across 19 states, from Wisconsin to Georgia. Each of those members is already realizing the Gatehouse Advantage and reaping the benefits of cost savings that allow funds and resources to be allocated to other efforts within these organizations.

Gatehouse members are realizing the savings even as the membership platform is in its early stages. One of Gatehouse’s first members saved over $250,000 in operational expenses through optimized tire purchases, while another reduced monthly expenditures by $52,000 via a national tire account program, and another saved over $1,500 per roll-off box, amounting to an annualized savings of over $150,000+.

Recently, the collective savings for Gatehouse Purchasing members hit a major milestone – exceeding $1 million in savings for members. This milestone underscores the impact of these membership benefits as well as the clear need in the waste industry.

The secret behind Gatehouse Purchasing’s success lies in its partnerships with industry-leading preferred partners and private equity partners like FleetPride, FleetGenius, and Kinderhook Industries. These collaborations harness the power of collective purchasing, driving down costs for members. As Gatehouse’s network grows, its leverage in negotiations with vendors escalates, enabling even greater savings and expanding the benefits to a wider geographic region.

Bringing Ordering to the Digital Age

While the waste industry is often characterized by traditional approaches, Gatehouse Purchasing introduces much-needed digital innovation. Its digital ordering platform revolutionizes the waste asset acquisition process, eliminating the need for outdated methods like time-consuming phone calls to several different vendors and protracted quote waiting periods.

The platform’s efficiency is best utilized when members take advantage of the “Default Orders” feature, which allows members to place orders swiftly, within just 3-5 clicks, thus saving both time and money. A digital ordering system of this kind opens up numerous doors within the waste industry that haven’t even been realized yet as membership expands and relationships with other industry-leading vendors and partners become possible.

Gatehouse’s digital platform offers significant advantages for both preferred partners and haulers. Preferred Partners benefit from reduced administrative burdens and can adhere to the 80/20 Rule, focusing more time on their largest customers. Haulers, on the other hand, enjoy direct cost savings, broader access to parts and supplies, and the ability to place immediate orders from any device. This streamlined process ensures that haulers can devote more time to their core services in the communities they serve.

Save Time, Money, and Focus on What Matters Most: Your Customers

Gatehouse Purchasing not only offers financial benefits but also enables waste haulers to concentrate on what truly matters: serving their customers. By saving time and money, haulers can stay on the road, equipped with state-of-the-art gear, providing more efficient and effective services. This is the essence of the Gatehouse Advantage – empowering small and family-owned waste businesses to thrive in a competitive market.

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